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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at!


Q: I want to make charms! Where do I begin?

A: You can start by reviewing our general charm information page! It covers the ordering process, pricing and setup guidelines for your charm files.

Q: What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

A: Our MOQ is 10 pieces per design! The maximum number of designs* you could use increases by 1 with every additional 10pcs.

*These designs need to be the same material and size to count.

Q: Do you have bulk discounts?

A: Yes, we have discounted rates if you order 50+pcs and 100+pcs of the same size and material. All designs using the same size and material will count for this.

Please note that “material” means the same color of acrylic must be used. For example, an order of: 25pcs 2" fIce and 25pcs 2" fOcean will be charged base price each because they are using different colors of frosted acrylic.

Q: Can you print just one or two of my design?

A: We don’t offer single charm printing at the moment due to time cost and material waste associated with the initial setup. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q: What is your turnaround time?

A: Our current turnaround time is an estimated 15 business days (shipping time not included).

Please note that jobs utilizing multiple materials and upgrades may take longer than the above-stated turnaround due to the additional processing time each material/upgrade entails.

In general, we recommend giving yourself extra time for assembly and unforeseen delays in production and delivery.

Q: Can I place rush orders?

A: Rush orders are accepted on a case-to-case basis. Please note that any order that requires faster turnaround than our stated turnaround time is considered rush. Please let us know beforehand if you need to receive your orders faster!

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, international shipping is a flat $25 and is estimated to take two weeks to deliver by our carrier.

Q: Do your services include the keyring/straps on the charms?

A: We only offer acrylic printing and laser cutting services at the moment.

Q: Do you have sample packs?

A: Yes! General sample packs are currently undergoing some revisions but specialty sample rings are available for order. You can email us or request a sample pack in your order notes and we’ll add it to your invoice.

Q: Can I provide a different email address than my PayPal address on the order form?

A: Yes, the invoice email you receive is actually a link to where you could pay so it doesn’t necessarily have to be your PayPal address.

Q: I received my charm order, but it’s covered in a plastic film?

A: The charms come with clear protective film on both sides of the material. The acrylic should appear smooth and shiny after you remove both films.

File Setup

Q: I want to make double-sided Clear acrylic charms, do I need to pay additional for double-sided printing?

A: Pricing for Clear acrylic charms includes double-sided printing!

Note that “double-sided” is different from foreground printing.

Q: Can I print single-sided Clear charms?

A: Yes, pricing is the same whether you do single-sided or double-sided printing on your clear charms.

Q: Can you print custom sizes?

A: Our standard sizes go up to 3 inches, but feel free to contact us at about custom projects!

Q: Do my files need to be in CMYK?

A: You’re free to provide your artwork in CMYK if you wish, otherwise we’re fine with handling the conversion on our end as we have to convert the artwork directly to our printer’s color profile.

Q: Can I have the Hole for the strap within the artwork/ Can I do internal cuts in my charm?

A: Yes! You’ll want to be careful about keeping the cut shape away from the artwork. For cuts within the artwork, You need to clear the artwork on top of and directly around the cut.

Please note that cuts smaller than the piercing on the Hole template are likely to re-fuse back to the acrylic.

Q: I’m making pins from my charms, can my charm have no hole?

A: Yes, you can delete the Hole layer from your charm file if you don’t require a hole for your project. If you can leave a note that your design is meant to not have a hole, we’d appreciate it!

Q: Which Artwork layer do I place my artwork in for single-sided White/Black/Wood/Frosted/Pearlescent/Glitter/Glow charms?

A: Please place your art on the Artwork B layer! Artwork B will be oriented as you see it on your screen, so please place your art and any text the way you want it to appear on the final charm.

Q: Do I need the White layer if I’m doing White acrylic charms?

A: Yes, you will need to designate white ink behind your artwork, no matter what material you use.

Q: How do I setup transparency effects on my charm?

A: Placing white selectively will make artwork unbacked by white ink have a stained glass-like see-through appearance.

Please note that because we are used to seeing artwork on a white background as well as the difference between how colors are produced by monitors vs. pigments, the parts with transparency effects may not be as you expect.

Q: I don’t have Photoshop, can I use other programs? (e.g. Paint Tool Sai, Clip Studio Paint, Medibang Paint Pro)

A: You can use any program you’re comfortable with to produce your artwork. The charm file will need to be in PSD file format, however, meaning you will require a program that can at least load and export PSDs.

Q: Can you handle file setup?

A: Yes, we can set up your charm files for you for $5 per design!


Q: What is double white?

A: Double white is an upgrade to print two layers of white ink on your charms. This helps increase opacity for clear charms and makes the colors appear more vivid.

Q: What is foreground printing?

A: Foreground printing is a special option that lets you print on both faces of the acrylic. You can find more information on foreground printing here.